Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Oh, Charlie

Well it looks as if Charlie Weis has been fired after 5 seasons coaching the Irish. Well Weis, How does it feel? If you may have not have known about him saying this about Michigan in 2008

Maybe what drove Charlie "Skinny"' (yeah right) Weis too say that was his recent frustrations losing to Michigan when you were OVERRATED (as usual) in 2006 ranked #2

Alas, We have Nueter Dame and there "amazing" freshman QB Jimmy "Emu" Clausen.

ND lost to Navy for the first time in 46 years in 2007 also

Then ND with a mediocre 6-6 finish in 2008 losing to Syracuse and their team getting pelted by snowballs by their OWN FANS

Then this past season we have a favorite of mine. Michigan upsetting overrated (of course) ND this past 2009 season.

And getting by Navy at home yet again.

The Verdict: After a good 05 and 06 season the rest went down the shitter with Weis as coach.
2007: Loses to Michigan,USC 38-0 each. Beat by Navy first time in 46 years
2008: 7-6 loses to Syracuse at home.
2009" Loses to Michigan 38-34, USC again, Navy and Uconn. 6-6

Weis vs Michigan: 2-3
Weis vs USC: 0-5


Another great video

Wolverine Nation applauds InRichRodWeTrust of youtube of making 3 GREAT Wolverine supporting videos. He also is a good RichRod supporting user. Check out his youtube channel and subscribe for RichRod and Wolverine Nation

Saturday, November 28, 2009

I think we have a miss understanding, Buckeyes

In the making of this site this was never meant to be a Buckeye hating site. There is a myspace that does that, but here we don't hate.

Well we do, But you know Wolverine Nation hates Ohio State University and only the dick fans of theirs. I know there are some good Buckeyes around that don't throw things and spit and call you the F-bomb multiple times in one sentence.

Yes, EVERYONE is welcome to this site and welcome to post comments as much as they want. Even you, Mr. Buckeye fan. If you are a good little nut and limit your f-bombs to as much as one per comment than you are welcome to stay if you please. But the bad nuts are welcome as well because sometimes with your.."intelligent" comments just proving my point in a post.

As far as posting pictures that say FUCK OHIO STATE go, We don't do that here. It's classes and uncalled for. (Like the nuts on the nut sites do) However we may poke fun at them. PLEASE REFRAIN FROM SMASHING YOUR COMPUTER SCREEN IF YOU FEEL OFFENDED BY THE ABOVE. WE WOLVERINE NATION CARE ABOUT YOUR SAFETY AS WELL AS YOUR TECHNOLOGY.

Hope that cleared everything up. Go Blue

#2 Sparty gets taken down

Well,well,well Sparty. I guess you aren't going undefeated like the idiots at work think. Sparty loses to FLORIDA 77-74.

Now when Waldo says "hey what happened to your team Thursday?" like the how the Sparty fan gloats every time Michigan basketball loses. "Well, we lost to an unranked team we should've beat, you know like your team!"

But it's always fun to add a little bit extra, "What happened to #2?? They lost to UNRANKED Florida?! How could this happen they were supossed to go undefeated and win the final four so we can see Izzo climb his cute ass up the ladder and cut the net down like a champion! NOT SO! GO GATORS *Gator Chomps*

Ahh Florida, First you beat the snot out of O$U 41-14 in the BCS and then as well you beat them in the Final Four the same year. Not to mention being upset by Michigan football the year Tebow wins the Heisman. And now you upset #2 Sparty?

Beat the shit out of App St and Notre Dame and now we're talking

Friday, November 27, 2009

Devin Gardner, Inkster loses D2 high school championship game to Lowell 27-6

Well, Devin Gardner. Michigan recruit,Elite 11 QB,5-star QB and one hell of rusher

Losses in the state finals to Lowell (14-0) 27-6. Inkster came out flat. DG didn't do too much as expected. Kinda disappointing but lets hope he does good at Michigan. I do think he has a GREAT shot at being the starter because of his speed and arm. Robinson and Forcier rolled into one. I'm happy to say there is no Sheridan in the mix.

Go Blue

Fellow Blue Fans....

video of the year on youtube^


Wolverine Nation Blog

I've been on the web, searching college football blogs far and wide, big and small, good or bad and I've come to the realization: WE, Michigan fans, NEED to unite. WE need to have a KICKASS, HARD EDGE, NOT AFRAID TO DO NOTHING, MICHIGAN BLOG.

Now, I know this could sound a little crazy to some of you. But don't you see? We need to come together in Michigan's time of need and be there for them by supporting them on the internet and not O$U fans trash us.

I got this crazy idea at about 3AM in the morning and after a few pieces of late-night pumpkin pie. Who's with me on this?!